Our Vision is to develop the First Generation Leaders which will progress towards greater success, through an innovative and entertaining method in which Fine Arts and legends are the tools. Once the leaders discover their unique artistic potential from within, this method will thus prove successful in an enterprise level, and by this we will come to internationally spread the Vincic Method as an inspiration for a future New Generation. Working with self-awareness, this becomes part of everyone's daily life.




- Delivering a New Generation of Leaders that through the Vincic-method, discovers their
- vision, leads successfully and fulfills themselves


- Support in achieving personal and professional development through innovative and
- entertaining methods upon which reflection and creative thinking is further enhanced


- To deliver unique and authentic leaders; encouraging and activating the internal vision
- of the person by using the Vincic-method and its tools as a successful methodology


- To discover the artist that exists within each person through the Vincic-method, in which
- visual arts is used as the successful tool


- Promote perfect conditions for a unified leadership where workers and citizens will
- respect the environment in the future society


Our values are:


- Creative approach: Each person is unique, positive and has a fundamental creative
- approach


- Inspiration: We wish to inspire a new generation of leaders that recognize and realize
- their full potentials


- Diversity: Inspiration by the Vincic Method is a systematic interpretation of the visual,
- fine arts and legends


- Leadership: A generation of success by promoting and enabling the inner artist of the
- leader to be revived


- Self discovery: The method possesses the most effective ways to bring the ultimate
- ambition and motivation of the individual in order to gain personal and
- professional development


- Uniqueness: We believe in the individual's creative perspective and this makes each
- person distinctive

- Self awareness: The Vincic Method helps individuals become self aware of themselves,
- their surrounding by introducing their inner capacities for striving further in life, hence
- this leads to the diverse scene and understanding


- Sustainability: We want to witness a self aware society which by using our method
- throughout generations it will learn to become sustainable


D'Vincic Sisters