D'Vincic Sisters




Each person, leader or not, has the resources needed for a successful and happy life. The professional and personal development go hand in hand. The key force needed in the process is inspiration and creative thinking. The Vincic Method is for the new generation of leaders who want a quick and long term results. It is an innovative and entertaining method, through visual art and legends that inspire the leaders and keep the sparks alive during the entire coaching process.

We coach with great dedication, passion, devotion and engaging playfulness which makes the development process entertaining and significantly interesting.


Our exclusive and customized workshops: "New Generation Leaders - NGL" will strengthen you in your leadership role. You will generate greater self-awareness, tools for inspiration and skills which will develop clear visions and values in your leadership role. Coaching, according to the Vincic Method is based on solutions focused on brief therapy as well as humanistic and analytical psychology.