We have realized our dream of uniting art and human development. We invented a tool and a new insight method: The Vincic Method. This method immediately connects you with your subconscious mind. During these past five years our focus has been on shaping this innovative and entertaining method through visual arts as well as guiding leaders, groups and individuals towards self-development. Since early childhood, our enormous curiosity and interest in mythology, stories and symbols has pushed us to explore further the deeper meanings of it and the link with the modern world in which we live.


Gordana Vincic – Consultant, Artist and Insight hunter

Gordana always spots the individual's talents and potentials. She is helpful and determined as she guides the process of personal and professional development. Gordana has an exceptional ability to strengthen an individual or groups, as she also guides towards self-insight as well as creative thinking. She skilfully uses legends, visual art, symbols and combines them with today's leadership development, through analysis and interpretation.

Gordana Vincic is one of the founders of the Vincic Method. With a wide experience in management positions at various levels of local government activities, Gordana has acquired knowledge of major changes and deep understanding within human resource and business matters.

Gordana is a certified social worker and has an academic degree from the University of Lund. She is, moreover, trained in UGL, SSL, "The Human Element" and solution focused mentoring methodology.


Natalija Vincic - Artist, Insight hunter and Coach

Natalija believes that one's personal and professional developments are interconnected. When working with leadership development she purposefully uses visual arts as a source of inspiration for new perspectives. She skillfully uses a questioning technique that develops the person's inner talent and inner resources of observation and their ability to apply an interpretation mindset through visual arts.

Natalija is one of the founders of the Vincic-method. Through her broad experience in shaping ancient symbols and images, as well as running her own art gallery, Natalija possesses deep knowledge within the visual arts, which are relevant to the development of leaders, groups and individuals.

Natalija is a professional artist and has a degree in restoration and conservation of artworks from Greece and Macedonia. She is, moreover, trained in solution focused approach and working method.



D'Vincic Sisters