Personal coaching


Everyone needs to feed their minds with inspiration and make conscious choices that target the thoughts, energy and focus. Otherwise decisions create a negative impact which inevitably overthrows and affects the everyday life. The Vincic method and the tools used in the process systemize the daily habits and ensure that the person will be in control of the most important part of him, and this focus will make a difference, evidently receiving quick results.


This method is a step-by-step process created to correspond to what you truly want, moreover a solution to the obstacles which you need to overcome, in order to reach your greater potential. We create and develop exercises with passion, dedication and playfulness in order to make the process of personal development, thorough and entertaining. The main goal of the method is to help the person fulfill himself or herself in the process of personal development.


You will:


- Improve your self-esteem and confidence

- Increase your motivation and performance

- Get to know yourself through reflection

- Review your values and your philosophy of life

- Awaken your creativity

- Take control of your inner emotional processes

- Accept yourself, - respect yourself and others

- Pursue your inner talents

- Confront fears

- Change destructive behaviour

- Live spontaneously

- Solve problems and accept facts


Price: 599 SEK per hour

D'Vincic Sisters