"Art and Personal Development arises love and passion. Our art encourages you to think and look for the truth and your own answers, so that you may unleash great subconscious knowledge. The colours indicate symbolism and strong connection to emotions, that`s how we tied our souls to art and personal development. The mysteries, the legends and the symbols tell stories of existential questions. In order to answer those questions, we need to be inspired by the emotions and the consciousness that our memories arise."


- D'Vincic Sisters


"D'Vincic Sisters are building quite a following with their symbolic expression and love of both people and art. They want viewers to explore their inner thoughts and aim to help them understand their own questioning through appreciation and exploration of art. We loved the magical quality of their work the rich colourings and detailed stories. Work that reminded us of the feeling you get when watching Alice in Wonderland being drawn into a wonderous world that you half understand and interpret something new on each viewing. With all the mystery of the symbols and the beauty of life this is art with an inspiring mission. D`Vincic Sisters bring their individual strengths together in an artistic partnership that builds on mutual ideas and a shared passion. Their work is bold and packed with surreal and fantastical narratives that draw you in and make you think. The art they create is imaginative and thoughtful with an intention to bring out the subconscious."


- Lisa Gray, Curator and Art Dealer

D'Vincic Sisters