"The Vincic method allowed me to reflect on my inner genuine personality. Query methods, the legends and the visual arts penetrated my subconscious suppression and I started to communicate with my subconsciousness. My curiosity was stimulated by the process within their entertainment; new memories and insights appeared. I have inventively gained new insights for both my personal- and professional development as a leader and self-employer. "


-Biljana Stantich

Psychotherapist and psycho-dramatist


"Do you need to go further within your personal- and professional development? On several occasions my attention has been on the wonderful and innovative coaching method that suits most people; this new learning method of thinking and modes of expression. The coaching and the remembrances melts down to a sweet and surprising method, with ingredients that give you an insight for life. The Sisters are stage educators, coaches and artists that celebrate life. I'm looking forward to next week's consultation." 


- Monica Rundcrantz Leise

Procreator/practical-aesthetic teacher at Bladins

D'Vincic Sisters